Intellisense in Razor for Custom Types and Helpers

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  1. ZeroBugBounce says:

    Hi Adam, I am trying to run MVC3 by using it’s source code and am having the problem described here of no Intellisense.

    Basically, it’s just the solution with MVC3 source fresh from CodePlex, plus a web project referencing it (and the commensurate changes to both web.configs). All the assemblies are in the web’s bin folder, but Intellisense for the HTML helpers etc. etc. is all broken.

    Do you have any idea how I might troubleshoot such a thing? Think there is any chance of getting Intellisense back?

    • Adam Craven says:


      The first thing I would do is disable as many Visual Studio extensions and refactoring tools as possible – to rule out their influence. Refactoring tools like Resharper and CodeRush can modify the way that intellisense works…

      I am not sure if you having trouble with absolutely no intellisense whatsoever working, or just the Razor HTML helper intellisense not working.

      Either way, troubleshooting these problems unfortunately is really a matter of trial and error, and blood, sweat and tears!

      My sugguestion with these types of things is: Go back to basics!

      1. Start from scratch in a brand new out of the box, standard web MVC3 project.
      2. Determine if intellisense works
      3. If not, then you have some sort of configuration/installation problem.
      4. Otherwise, step by step, morph the configuration of the project into what you have now, and after each step, close and reopen the solution, and do a test to see whether intellisense works.

      The reopening of the solution / project is important, otherwise Visual Studio may have cached configuration and/or intellisense settings.
      Come to think of it, if memory serves, you might be able to get away with just closing and reopening the file that you are editing.
      [I learned that tip the hard way after _many_ hours of frustration and differing results!]

      Also, please ensure that you have the minimal settings as I outline in my other related post:

      Good luck, and let me know how you go!

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